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Appears in 9 Episodes

Werewolf by Night Recap! + Special Guests Hosts Leech and JB!

It's the spookiest day of the year which means it's time to dive into Werewolf by Night! Guest Hosts Leech and JB stop by to dive into all the monster madness!

She-Hulk Attorney at Law Wrap Up! + Special Guest Host Leecho!

All nine She-Hulk episodes are finally out which means it's time to dive into the series as a whole! Leech joins this week, and delivers a bunch of podcast firsts!

She-Hulk Recap S1E7: I'm Hurtin' for a Yurtin' + Special Guest Leech!

Josh didn't just break Jen's heart. He broke all of our hearts. Luckily, Leech is here this week to help process the pain and all the brand new She-Hulk goodness!

Moon Knight Review S1E4: It's A-Maze-Ing + Special Guest Leecho!

After last week's mind-bending episode of Moon Knight, it's only fitting that Leech joins us this week to parse through it all! Join us as we address the hippo in the ...

What If...? Party Thor Review S1E7: Kappa Kappa Frat Freak + Special Guest Leecho

Last week What If threw the largest party Midgard's ever seen. This week special guest Leecho joins us to discuss all the party princes, poopers, and fouls one episode...

What If Leech and Daniel Hosted the Show?

A single edit can change the course of the multitrack reality. Step into this alternate world where Leech and Daniel host MCU Need to Know!

Loki Wrap Up: Did It Work? + Special Guest Leech

Now that all of Loki is out, we can step back and take a look at the series as a whole. Join us as we welcome Leech back to the podcast to discuss the highs and lows o...

What If...? An MCU Animated Series Deep Dive + Special Guest Host Leecho

The MCU is breaking open the multiverse in this upcoming phase, and in doing so, it raises a lot of What If questions for the universe. Who better to dive into it with...

What are the Best MCU Fan Theories? + Special Guest Leecho

Are you taking notes? We're about to dive into all the best theories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we've brought a friend!

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