3 Important Marvel News Stories of the Week: Daredevil Coming to Disney Plus, Anthony Mackie Won't Text Sebastian Stan, and Matt Reeves offers kind words to the MCU

Trey's riding solo this week but bringing the three most important Marvel news articles of the week! Consider this week's episode your own personal Jarvis.

Trey: hello and welcome back
to another episode of MCU.

Need to know a podcast dedicated
to the Marvel cinematic universe

and everything you need to.

I'm Trey and I am writing solo.

So, unfortunately we had a very limited
window in which we could record and get

the edit turned around in time for Monday.

And we have missed that window.

So Judy will not be here this week,
but given the short time that I

have to edit this, I decided to try
and bring back something that we

tried to test during the honk I run.

And I think he made a little bit
earlier than that, where we give

you the most important MCU news.

We think that has happened that.

Now, normally when we did it, we
would have just one news article.

But since this is going to be a
episode dedicated to the news, I

have decided to handpick three of the
most important MCU news of the week.

Uh, so I did spend some time
Googling and checking Reddit as

well as other sources online to
really sift through, uh, everything

that's been happening in the MCU.

And I do want to say this.

I do not advise this because
since we are so close to Dr.

Strange, it is impossible to Google
MCU news without accidentally

being spoiled for stuff.

So luckily we live in a era of
the MCU where everything with a

multi-verse is so wild that at
this point I can't distinguish

between what is or isn't a real.

Uh, so I do feel covered in that
regard, but, uh, if you're trying to

remain as spoiler free as possible,
I highly advised not looking up

anything with the MC right now.

So rely on this episode, I got your back.

I'm going to try and get through
all this news with the most minimal

amount of spoilers possible so
that you can enjoy this without

having to worry about those leaks.

So like I said, this is going to
be the three most important MCU

updates that I have found this.

Starting with this one, for people who are
looking to get all of their MCU, goodness.

Under one roof, we are one step closer
to finally having that achievable,

uh, starting on March 16th, we
are going to be getting Daredevil.

Jessica Jones, Luke cage.

Iron fist, the Punisher, the
defenders, and all seasons of

agents of shield on Disney plus.

So of course, at least with the
Netflix shows, these are shows

that are a little bit more mature
in content, definitely in terms of

violence and adult oriented situations.

So it's no surprise that when
these shows debut on Disney plus.

It will also simultaneously unlock
the parental controls that Disney

plus will be adding to the service.

You can expect things like content,
rating, restrictions, and pin number

logs per profile, to help designate who
gets to see what content now I got to

say, I'm actually really excited about
this because one, I of course want all my

Marvel content under one roof, especially
as it pertains to the MCU continent.

However, I can't help, but wonder
with these new parental controls.

Does that mean at some point we will
get to see Deadpool join Disney plus.

And what does it say for
shows like moon night?

Although it has been confirmed
to have a TV 14 rating along with

all the other Disney plus shows
for the Marvel cinematic universe.

I can't help, but wonder if we'll
start to see a trend where these

shows get a little bit more mature in.

A lot of the conversations around
Moonlight seems to be how much

more brutal and dark and heavy
that that show is going to be.

And if this is a corner of the universe
that Marvel's exploring, maybe the

next time we see a show centered
around things related to moon Knight

or characters of that ilk, we get
a little bit more mature content.

You know, I know Jude and I have
talked about it before that just

because something gets an R rating
doesn't necessarily make it better

or necessary and is a very fine
line between necessary and gratuity.

Uh, it's going to be interesting
to see how the MCU handles

a more mature audience.

So once again, all those Netflix shows
as well as agents of shield will be

joining Disney plus on March 16th.

Uh, it'll be available on Disney
plus in the U S Canada, UK,

Ireland, Australia, and new.

And you know what, I'm gonna go
ahead and sneak in one more smaller

news bit within this first one.

So you get a bit of a double dose.

I want to go ahead and let people
know that an ad supported subscription

option is coming later in 2022 and
internationally in 2023 for Disney plus.

So pricing or a launch date has not
been announced yet, but it is nice

to see that there will be an option
for people to subscribe to Disney

plus at a cheaper rate with ads.

One thing that has me curious, and
this is a conversation that never made

the podcast, because as we've talked
about before the agent Carter review,

we started never got to see the light
of day, but we discussed how we could

clearly feel where the ad breaks were
in that show, because it was a show

that was designed for network TV.

Now, this is never something we've
run into before on other content, we

have reviewed like Daredevil or the
other Disney plus shows because clearly

those were made for streaming service.

What I can't wait to find out is
where they're going to insert those

ad breaks into the content itself and
whether or not that disrupts the flow,

uh, without that built in, you know,
I've never written TV before, but if

you ever gone back and watched old
shows, you can really see how the show

frames it's acts around ad bricks.

So yeah, just something I'm curious
about and cannot wait to see what they.

So moving along into the next most
important MCU news update of the

week, Sebastian, Stan and Anthony
Mackie are fighting personally.

I took this as a joke, but to set the
stage Yahoo entertainment correspondent,

Kevin Paula, we had an interview
with Sebastian Stan while he was

promoting his new Hulu original movie,
fresh where Sebastian Stan said.

Oh, no, Anthony, first of all,
hasn't returned to text in

mine since November of 2021.

So we're taking a break.

I sent the picture of my Christmas
tree and I got nothing in return.

So, if you are familiar with any of the
press events that surrounds Sebastian,

Stan, Anthony Mackie, or even Tom Holland,
you know, there is constant ribbing

that goes on among those three people.

So personally, I'm not taking this
seriously that they're quote unquote

fighting, but, uh, Kevin, we of
Yahoo entertainment says, can someone

explain to me why some folks seem happy
about this genuinely ignorant to it?

And I thought he might be joking
too with the whole Christmas tree

picture, but if he is he's really.

So, again, I don't personally believe
they're actually fighting, especially

because Sebastian Stan goes on to talk
about how much he admires working with

Anthony Mackey and how much he loves
and respects the work that he does.

Uh, so yeah, I'm, I'm assuming
things are just peachy.

With all the facade of the drama aside,
if you watch the video, Sebastian

Stan actually goes on to give a hint
at what to expect in captain America.

For now, again, I did say I was going to
keep this as spoiler free as possible.

So if you are personally trying to avoid
all news about captain America, I would

suggest skipping ahead, but it's very
general and I don't think it spoils to.

Would that being said, Sebastian
Stan goes on to compare, counted

America for, to the movie Rocky.

Now I don't know exactly what he means
by this because there's still so little

known about captain America for, but it
invokes feelings of an underdog, which

is something that seems to be a running
theme in Rocky and also can't help.

But think of one of the famous Rocky
lines, it ain't about how hard you hit.

It's about hard.

You can get hit and keep moving.

You know, persistence is definitely a
trait within the Canada America character.

So I can see where the Rocky
comparisons are coming in.

What I do want to note that feels
a little bit more concrete is if

Sebastian, Stan is close enough to
be able to compare whatever it is

they're working on to Rocky, that
makes me think he will, for sure be.

You know, you could make the assumption
that Anthony Mackie has just letting

them in because they're close friends.

But given that Anthony Mackie has
not returned to texts since 2021,

I'm going to assume Sebastian Stan
might actually have more hands-on

experience with captain America four.

So yeah, hopefully those to
patch things up and get back to

texting each other once more.

But until then we will be patiently
waiting for captain America for finally.

This may be blessedness
because it is empty.

You need to know after all,
but we're going to switch gears

and talk about the Batman.

Now, the reason why I'm introducing this
into one of the most important topics

of this episode is so often whenever
other directors will hae in to the MCU,

it is often met with criticisms about
how the MCU is not filmed, because I

don't want to deal in that negativity.

I thought it'd be fun to
spotlight director, Matt.

We actually had some very positive things
to say about Kevin and Marvel studios.

When asked about making an MCU movie,
the Batman director had this to say,

quote, I have such respect for Kevin
flaggy and also for the filmmakers.

But to be honest with you, I
just don't know how it would

make my way through that.

There has to be some level of
discovery for me, where I have

some freedom to find my way.

If I have to come into something
that's already set too firmly,

then I think I would get lost.

And I don't think they
would be happy with me.

So again, he does have some pretty
high praise for the people involved

with the MCU, but it just doesn't seem
like it's his style now, outside of

wanting to introduce this because of
having seen the Batman this weekend

and absolutely loving it, I thought
it'd be interesting to pose this

question to you again with the Batman.

Part of what is special about this
entry and the DC side of things is that

it is a Batman of its own universe.

Now, if I can interject my own opinion
here, I really feel like the DC side

of things is operating at its highest
when it's focusing on standalone stories

and contrast to what the MCU is doing.

So I am a huge fan of seeing them take
these swings, even with things like joker.

I didn't like, but I
still applaud the effort.

And with the Batman, I think
they have found a, another

wonderful success in the DC.

So to pose the question, I was teasing
earlier, if you could choose one MCU

character to get the Batman treatment
where it's its own separate universe

and story with no restrictions for
the continuity that has been set with

the MCU, which character would you
like to see get its own universe?

Be sure to let us know both on Twitter
and Instagram at MC you need to know

very curious to hear what you think.

So, like I said, I tried to sneak into
Batman here just because I wanted to talk

about how excited I am for this movie.

In fact, I don't think it's been since the
Nolan trilogy that I have been this pumped

about a Batman film, but rather than
spending a lot of time talking about what

I thought about the movie, I also wanted
to highlight, uh, two friends of the.

Of course, if you're familiar with
TK from there was an idea, she

recently just put out a bonus episode
of her impressions of the Batman.

So you can find that link
in the show notes as well.

But if reading is more your style, our
friend, Sean from the catch in life has

a written review of on the Batman too.

So those are two friends of ours
that we'd like to spotlight some of

the work, uh, check the show notes
to go here and read their thoughts

on the latest entry in the DC unit.

So I think that's going to do it for this
episode, but I'd be very curious to hear.

If you would like to see MCU news,
you need to know, find a way back

into the show or some other form.

Jude should be returning to the
podcast next week, where I am pretty

sure we will return to our Dr.

Strange review that we
teased out on social media.

Again, I recognize not everybody uses
social media, so I want to go ahead

and take advantage of this opportunity
to foreshadow what we'll be recording

next week to ask you the listener.

Uh, I'll link it in the show
notes as well, but we did

ask people on social media.

Is the first scene that you
think of when you think of Dr.

Strange from 2016, I'd
be very curious to know.

So if you want to weigh in and feel free
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That's going to do it.

Thank you so much for listening
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