How Important Are the Marvel Disney Plus Shows?

The first big test of the Disney Plus shows is on its way with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This week we're going to dive into just how vital those shows are!

Trey: Hello and welcome back to another
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I'm Trey.

Jude: I'm Jude.

Today, we're going to talk about how
let's say wrestle with the question.

How important are the
Marvel Disney plus shows?

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Uh, so yeah, I had to, to echo what you
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But pertaining to this episode,
like Jude said, uh, we're gonna

be talking about how important
are the Marvel Disney plus shows.


If you are following us on social media,
you may know that we actually spotlighted

another topic that we were going to
be doing, but due to some technical

difficulties, we have had to pivot.

So even though we got your responses
on who your favorite MCU villains are,

uh, we're going to hold onto those
until we can regroup on that episode.

So don't worry, we'll come back to that.

But today we're going to be talking
about this and to set the stage.

Uh, this is a conversation that
we've had a couple of times on the

podcast once with Rob Logan, whenever
we were covering low-key and it

was a bit of a tangent we got on.

Uh, and then again, we had it with a
TK from, there was an idea, uh, another

Marvel cinematic universe podcast.

And so in, in that.

Searching, uh, for a different
topic to talk about this week, the,

the final catalyst was an article
from screen rant called Disney.

Plus Marvel shows will face an MCU
phase two problem in 2022 but worse.

Uh, of course we'll link to that in
the show notes, but it goes on to

detail how expansive the MCU has gotten
in just one year and the way that

that is going to be something they
wrestle with in this current year.

Uh, and so to put it into
perspective, uh, we have Dr.

Strange and the multi-verse of madness
coming out in may of this year.

It is going to be the first entry
in the Marvel cinematic universe

to connect to the Disney plus
shows in a very substantial way.

Uh, we have Dr.


Acknowledging the events of
Westview and there's even hints at

a potential inclusion of characters
from the, what if series as well.

Jude: Another example would be Jonathan
majors, uh, he's reprising his role

is king, uh, the conqueror, he who
remains an ant man and the wasp quantum

mania, uh, which is interesting.

Again, the, the, the phrasing here
that we use this for prizing his role.

When I think his casting
for quantum mania was a now.

Prior to him showing
up in low-key so, yeah.

So that's another uprising.

There is kind of a interesting, yeah.

Trey: And finally, another major way that
the Disney plus shows are interconnecting

with the movies themselves.

Uh, captain America, four has been
announced and despite the details

still being scans, we do know that it
is being pinned by Malcolm Spellman,

who was the show runner for the
Falcon and the winter soldier as well.

So this year really feels
like the promise of the Disney

plus shows coming to fruition.

Uh, so we're going to be weighing in,
uh, with how important these shows are

going to be in the grand scheme of things.

So Jude throwing the question
to you broadly speaking, what

is your ideal implementation
of the shows into the movies?


Jude: my God.

Uh, I hadn't put your Kevin FYGI hat on.

Well, I'm going to be honest.

I had an answer and then that
answer completely got changed.

So, yeah.

So like initially my thought
was broadly speaking.

What's your ideal implementation of
the Disney plus shows the movies?

Uh, man, ideally I would love to see these
characters from Disney plus crossover,

which I know we're going to get Monica
Rambo in the marvels Kamala Khan showing

up in the marvels with Yulaina now coming
this way, uh, from new content, you know?

And so ideally I would like to see
that back and forth, uh, jumping

around with characters and continuing
to do like what Huck I did in adding

depth to characters into things.

That's for me the idea.

What really actually, I'm going
to save this and see what is

your ideal implementation.

And then I'll say what's, what's
throwing the monkey wrench in for me,

Trey: for me, I think my
answer comes in two parts.

And the first part is really identifying
when I think the shows are working

at their best, and that is treating
these as limited series and there

will be exceptions to the rules.

Cause obviously we have
low-key season two.

Uh, what if season two, even though
that's kind of its own beast, but I

think because these are stories that are.

Limited runs like one division.

If there is a quote-unquote season
two, I don't think it's going

to be one division season two.

It'll be like, okay, Wanda's back in
another show, but it's a different story.

Uh, captain America is in
another Disney plus show.

I don't think it's called the Falcon
in the winter soldier part two.

Does that make sense?

So if they continue to treat these
as limited series, I think that

will pave the way for them to
actually have the same strategy

that they have in the movies set up.

Complete it and leave hooks for potential
either sequels within its own story or

popping up in other entries as well.

Um, because if they stick to that limited
series idea, I think that's what, and I,

this is going to sound super hypocritical.

Cause the whole Genesis of this
episode was the recognition of how

expansive the MCU you got last year.

But if you limit it to not having
that expectation of a season two for

every show, it'll cut down on the
amount of buy-in an audience has to

have to catch up on stories of, okay.

I only need to watch this
series for this movie or so on.

Not, oh, I have six seasons of a
show to catch up on kind of thing.

Jude: Yeah.

That's my answer.



My trip off and what changes the answer
for me and not changes it, but just made

me rethink, was see I'm, I'm trying to
be careful here because I'm bringing this

up and, and, and, and I'm not trying to
bring it up in like a trolling way or

anything, but our arguments that we've had
over star wars, Mandalorian, Boba Fett,

clone wars, and rebels, and because all
of those shorts shows I've mentioned or

outside of the movies and they are cannon,
and that's what Disney plus is right there

outside of the movies in, they are Canon.

And, um, and so it's making me
think of, of, uh, seeing that those

shows do for me when I'm watching.

And how I view those shows within the
larger star wars universe definitely

had an impact on how I thought the
ideal implementation was, but you

and I see those shows differently.


And so that's, that's where it was
just like, okay, wait a minute.

If I was going to side with you, these
shows to me, shouldn't have nearly the

impact that I think they should have.


And so that's, that's, what's
kind of became my hang up that

I was rethinking this question.

I got ya.

Trey: I do want to say this, and this
is the conversation that you and I

were having because we got on the
topic again of the star wars shows.

Uh, one of the things we noted is how
the Mandalorian and now the book of

Boba Fett both had eight episodes.

I say both the both series had eight
episodes and we were kind of left

lamenting like, well, how come Marvel?

One of the most successful franchises
ever is only getting around six episodes

per series, but it just came to me.

I wonder if that is by design to
cut down into the buy-in of the,

like, like I said, and I know
this isn't the case for everybody.

Uh, I think I would consider
myself of the hardcore MCU fan.

Like I am there day one for a lot
of the stuff, but even at that,

there is an element of like having
to binge watch a huge backlog.

That is off-putting to me,
despite being that bought in.

So I wonder if there is some.

Cognizant choice of doing like, alright,
we're doing six episodes to try and

stave off, having such a huge backlog
to keep up with everything in the MC.

Jude: Well, you know what, and that could
be a part of it, but it also wondering,

at least right now, it feels like star
wars is going to be, and I'm not trying

to turn this into a star wars episode, but

Trey: it feels like, so it's only just
been our phone conversations for the past

Jude: week, but it feels like star wars
to the best of my knowledge right now

is going to be very Disney plus heavy.

And if, and when a movie comes
down, it's further down the line.

Whereas we have doctorate, we
have announced movies coming.

So the main source of contents,
not going to be Disney plus.

And that's, that's kind of a bonus.

So in that sense, stylistically is
different from that universe where

it feels like the bulk of it's going
to be Disney plus here in star wars.

But one of the things I want to
go back to, and again, I'm not

sorry, I'm not throwing you under
the bus or anything like that.

It just, it made me think you were like,
I love the clone wars and, and I'm not

saying you don't, but your point the
other night was the prequel trilogy.

Shouldn't have to, should
be able to stand on its own.

Like I shouldn't have to go consume the
clone wars episodes to make this good.

And to me, that's kind of what this
ser, this, this question was circling.

That, that when you said that popped into
my head, I'm like, okay, wait a minute.

With these Disney plus shows,
how important are they?

Well, man, is this something
that needs to be required?

To say, like if the prequel can't hold
up without the clone wars, which I'm not

saying, I fully agree with you on that,
but if I'm going to go with you there,

that's kind of what we're looking at here.

It's like, at what point do we reach
that Disney plus becomes required

viewing for the, for the movies?

Trey: The pushback I have to
that is the difference with.

The prequel movies came out first
and I think it's safe to say they

were universally pant, right?

Like I think that that's a safe read
based on how they received at the time.

Jude: I don't think
that's unfair actually.

Trey: And so since then, as you've
talked about, the clone wars is a

show that has come out an animated
show that has filled in a lot of

the story and a lot of the gaps.

And for those prequel trilogies that
have fleshed out in the ways that the

movies themselves didn't the clone
wars to me is a retroactive fix.

Whereas where these Disney plus
Marvel shows are different or

different, I guess I should say is
for example, we know that our first

example is multi-verse of madness.

Wanda vision came first in it and we've
had our qualms with it, but it still.

Was solid on its own.

If multi-verse of madness comes out
and is not good, even without the help

of Wanda vision, then I think we start
to get into the problems of what I

was saying with star wars, but I think
it is possible for both of these to

be good on their own and connected.


Jude: that makes sense.

The only pushback I give you on that
would be in one division in particular,

the conversations that were coming
off about who would have thought

this would make me want to rewatch
age of Ultron or the added depth.

Between, well, the whole, what does
grief, if not love persevering.

And now if you watch civil war, knowing
that like, oh, that took place in

another room while this is conversations
going on ads nor depth to that movie.

So like Juan division did that
for previous movies, similar

to the clone wars, you know?

So, so like, to me, that's, it's
the same, but moving forward, you

know, we've seen between Disney plus
and I'm going to mention something

from, Spider-Man no way home.

Cause I am giving a qualification.

Cause right now, moment of recording it
hasn't hit video on demand yet, or even

DVD or digital sales yet, but between

Trey: God, but within the trailer, right?

Jude: Yeah.


But like between Disney plus.

No way home and the
trailer we've seen for Dr.

Strange, we have multiple times where
we thought a multi-verse was happening.

Even go back to far from home
where like, oh, well say where

should we been hearing about it?

And it gets difficult to start pinpointing
that storyline in the larger MCU.

If these aren't must-watch
does that make sense?

Trey: It does.

But I think that's where we disagree
because it's not, it's not narrative

timeline that I'm concerned about.

It is like retro, like
in a real world time.

Does that make sense?

Like the clone wars happened
after we had already seen the

prequel trilogy is kind of thing.

But I think that's just, that just comes
down to where we differ in opinion.

Jude: Right?

Well, no, no, no.

And that's what I'm saying.

Like, I'm going to grant you
on the prequel trilogy is

in the clone wars, right?

Like, I'll disagree.

I'm going to grant you on that.

But if that's a, a, a must, like,
like to me, that's the, that's

where what's in the balance here.

We're looking at the MCU when
you start talking about, okay.

So if this is propping up the trilogy and
I made the case that Wanda vision made

these movies better at, at depth, you
know, similar to here, I think machine

forward is the bigger thing of like, okay.

Through one division Loki, we've
seen two examples of like, we

thought multi-verse was happening.


And then we're going to get Dr.

Strange, the multi-verse madness.

And we seen that trailer.

You haven't seen.

The trailer itself lends
itself to a multi-verse.

And so there's multiple examples
of, and you keep hearing, this is

what's happening and it's like,
we keep getting there and we stop.

We keep getting there and we stop
and we haven't really seen it.

And so, and honestly, I feel like
we mentioned setting the stage,

Jonathan majors reprising his role.

He who remains like, to me, that was
like, boom, we're in multi-verse stuff.

And so that, you know how, I
don't see how Loki's not required

viewing, you know what I mean?

And so that's why, but it's like, uh,
but we haven't that hasn't come up

in these other movies and it doesn't
seem like it's going to come up.

Um, you know, like shonky located
to come up in that, located

to come up in the internals.

When I say other movies, like
multi-verse madness, we don't know yet.


And so that's, um, and at least
from the trailer, it looks like

we're bringing back the same.




So it was the, what if required viewing
and where the multi-verse shattered light.

And so that's, that's
why it became difficult.

Once you brought that up about like, like,
okay, these, you know, they shouldn't

have to have these to help prop them up.

Um, and whether or not I agree again,
I'll grant you that, but now taking that

to the MCU, that's what it feels like.

That's the line they're trying to walk.

And I just don't know how long
the MCU will be able to walk.

Trey: And I think that's part of the fear
that that article that I mentioned at the

top of the episode is, is really putting
forward is you've put so many pieces

into play now, and they've already proved
that they can make an interconnected

world of work with the movies.

Um, but this, this, you know, everything's
falling on multi-vessel man is that is

going to be the, to the true test of
the promise of these Disney plus shows.

Jude: Well, you know what, and
that's, what's interesting is we

keep saying that until we watch it.

I, I felt like we thought that
with low-key, but we didn't see

that play out in any of the other
movies, like the ramifications.

And so right now for Dr.

Strange multi-verse madness,
I'd say it's clearly going to be

the most multi-verse thing, but.

Is it actually going to be world changing,
you know, or at the end of multimedia

madness, is it going to be fixed?


Like, does that make sense?


Otherwise that's, that's a lot
of building up to just for Dr.

Strange and now it's away now.

It's now we're done.



Trey: I mean, so much of the language
that I was using throughout the

coverage of the Disney plus shows was
this idea of punting, the storylines.

What I was referencing is punting to Dr.


So like it's kind of the, the put up
or shut up aspect of those stories

Jude: now.


I mean, that's what it feels like.

Especially if like moon Knight doesn't
reference it and just kind of stands

on its own inside, which is fine.

I mean, Moonlight
trailer looked fantastic.


But you know, his, his, his
moon night a result of this.

Of the end of Loki or is that not going to
be part of the, the end result of low-key?

You know, so that's, that's, you
know, some of the things, um,

you know, is moon night going to
be a weird spinoff of Eternals.

Trey: Hm.

So I'm not sure if I, I am
following you in that regard.

Like the reason why it's easy to go
with like your, your, a reason on, okay.

Loki built up this thing and it didn't
quite go, like, we thought it was wine

division built up this thing and it
didn't go quite like we thought it was,

I think, because of the language of
the multi-verse, that's why it feels so

tied in, but I don't know, but that's
why it feels so tied into the Dr.

Strange movie.

But I don't know if there's any
baggage on moon night to be tied

into internals or any of those
other ones, if that makes sense.

So I think that starts to get into it.

Like, like, I don't think everything
needs to be referential to each other,

but because of the nature of the scale
that they were playing with and those

other entries, it is a little more in
the targets than some of the other shows.


Jude: Well, and again, I bring
those up because like you said,

how, how grand a scale the end of
Loki was, you're led to believe and

how big a scale the end of eternal

Trey: twice.


I can go out on that limb with you
because, and again, uh, Eternals

has been on Disney plus out for a
week, so it's no longer necessary

to put it behind the spoiler zone.

That is a huge event of having a
celestial half born and left in

the ocean, uh, turned into a stone.

It is surprising.

Like it's not been brought up, uh, in
other stories and it could be, it's like

you have to juggle production times.

And in contrast to when people
are actually viewing things, um,

but if we are going to be in this
connected universe and the MCU stuff

like that, I think does matter.

And I know that's not, we're kind
of getting away from the Disney

plus aspect of it, but that is kind
of as big as multi-verse stuff.

Jude: Well, well, yeah, and, and
that's what I mean, like, you

know, how important these are.

I feel like I'm not, you know, when
I mentioned about, um, Midnight

in the, in the connection there,
it doesn't have to be connected.


Like, but I'm just wondering, like at
this point, because those were global

events, you know, and I, and I get Loki,
wasn't a global event, but it was kind

of thing cause he's out with the TVA,
but that was the sacred timeline that

did that's no war, you know what I mean?

So it's one of those like global
events that people don't know

about, but it should have an impact.

Um, and so that's, that's why, you
know, it makes you wonder what point

does that ramification show up in the
movie that like, oh, you do got to

go back and watch low-key or is there
going to be something that, uh, yeah,

you gotta go back and rewatch, um,
internals or whatever it is, you know?

Trey: Gotcha.

Well, I think that is.

Definitely on the larger scale
impacts of the Disney plus shows.

But what about the smaller stuff like
Falcon in the winter, soldier and Hawkeye?

Do you have any ideas on how you'd
like to see that implemented?

Jude: Hmm, well, hot guy.

We just need a Kate Bishop movie.



Trilogies, and just let Hailee Steinfeld
and Florence Pugh do their thing.

No, honestly.


First off I already mentioned like that
was my favorite Disney plus show so

far, and I would love to see more of
that style, that added depth to these

characters, uh, that, that would already
know having said that I love the entry of

Monica rainbow when the way they did that.

Um, the way they introduced
Kate Bishop was fantastic.

You know, Yulaina crossing over was good.

How would I implement Hawkeye?

Well, Hawkeye, what was the other one?

Falcon in the winter soldier?

How can I want to say, okay.

If I going to the winter, soldier is
a little bit different than Hawkeye.

Only that captain America four has
been announced for in development.

So in that sense, it'd be curious to see
if they do what the Russo's did with civil

war, which is kind of like at this point,
knowing that we have Avengers three and

four coming, we're just going to have to
say, you got to go watch the other stuff.

We're like, we're not going to bother you.

You know what I mean?


Or will they treat it kind of as an
origin story in the black Panther,

bold where it's like, he's been
introduced elsewhere, but you still

kind of had this origin of him still
needing to earn that place as the king.


From the events of civil war.

If they do it that way, it could
easily just stand on its own.

You don't need Falcon
in the winter soldier.

So that one is slightly different
for the Kate Bishop point.

I don't know how you do that
one, honestly, without saying,

oh, you got to watch it.

Trey: Yeah, it's definitely
get into this air.

Go ahead.

You definitely get into this
area where there's almost two

aspects to the Disney plus show.

There is the deepening of some
characters, uh, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes.

Low-key one a maximum off
like all those characters will

have a deeper understanding.

If you've watched the Disney plus shows.

Kate Bishop Sylvie, uh, Moebius Rin
Slayer, like all these other characters,

Isaiah Bradley, John Walker, they have
had origins in the Disney plus shows.

So it's harder to, because we're
going to get to some other questions

here in a second, that that
will be specifically about this.

But when I was going through and sifting
through these storylines, the common

thread that came to mind between what is
important, what is not important is, is

this where the character was introduced.

And it's going to be an interesting
juggling act for these movies

to incorporate these origin
characters, because you don't

want to retread those storylines.

If captain America four comes around
and whatever story it is that they're

currently pending deals with having
to re or not re deals with having

to bring in Isaiah Bradley, it'll
be a huge disservice to retread

those grounds as though it never
happened because it was so well done.


Whereas like Sam Wilson, we saw
him have the shield given to him.

So it's, it's caught in
this weird gray area.

Uh, and the other example I'll give,
I was trying to get us away from the

multi-verse stuff, but hopefully this is
still within the grounded side of things.

Um, to me, if you have.

Wanda is another one of those characters
where you can make the logical

leap of, okay, she's leveled up.

She's the Scarlet witch now.

But if you start going through and
referencing west view, which was the

trailer does, but you don't give it
the service or you haven't watched

it, it would be like watching civil
war without understanding Sokovia.

Like you've just missing the
foundational piece of it.

Jude: Yeah, absolutely.

And, and hearing you talk part of me
says, Kate Bishop, shouldn't get a movie.

Trey: How dare you?

Jude: Um, like, like, like, it, it
sounds crazy like, and as much as I want

it, but it sounds like, like the, just
the grounded element and all, and all

that stuff of what her character was
in this, that like show up in a movie.



But in order to have her own
story, I'm wondering if that

should just stay Disney plus,

Trey: does that make sense?

It does, because I, when I was taking my
notes, I found myself kind of questioning,

like, are we going to see characters?

Just be, and I don't even want to
say stuck, but it maybe relegated

to the Disney plus side of things.

Like, yeah, let's say low-key
shows up in multi-verse of madness.

Is it really going to be substantial
or are we going to see them pop up?

And then the next time we get a
substantial look at them, it's

in season two and he'll just
be a Disney plus character.


Jude: when I think about what, as
I understand it, when I think about

what the original Netflix show
vision was, they were Netflix and.

They're in that universe,
but they're ground level.

They might be mentioned.

They might someday end up in the
shows, but there's a distinct

difference in threat level, but
they take care of versus others.

Although watching the show, all three
of them could have easily helped in the

battle for New York and held their own.

Um, I guess, I guess, I guess
he ran too, but all for, uh,

you know, for sure Colleen ween.

Oh man.

She anyways, but no.

And I say that only because if that was
your original plan, are they taking that

and putting it in these Disney plus shows
that you are, like you said, you're like,

we'll throw some of these movie characters
and throw them into the Disney plus we'll

bring some over, but to the actually
get their own movie, they might not.

Or that might not be part of the
original plan and maybe popularity might

get them a movie, but they might not
have been originally planned that way.

And again, that is me speculating,
but with the idea of it

becoming must-see TV yeah.


Trey: not, I mean, of course
all of this is us speculating.

Just, just, I mean, I know you
have that understanding, but it's

always good to kind of set the
stage again for the listeners.

It's all speculation on our part
and I'll even go on a further limb.

I wrote my notes one way, but hearing
us actually have the discussion, like

I'm starting to waver back and forth.

Like I was, I was resistant to
what you were saying about like

how important could they be?

But I mean, once again, here
we are finding ourselves, it's

this weird split between where
parts of it is super important.

And part of it's not,
which is such a disservice.

Jude: Yeah.

I think it just, I think it's
just going to be one of those.

It remains to be seen.

Like we just haven't, it's weird.

We just haven't had enough content.

Uh, and, uh, and, and always why I put
it that way is when you think about

what it takes for development, you
know, the script writing process, hiring

people, the production post-production
reshoots, when you, when you throw

all that and you have, you know, Kevin
Vikki, super fans, probably master

plan and pegboard somewhere, you
know, for as much content as we got.

When you think about what the, what,
when you think about what those,

the shows we have got so far, moon
night, which hasn't come out yet

is going to be the most original.

Not attached to previous content
than any of the other things.


And so that's what I mean of like in
a weird way to see fully, like what

the ideas with the Disney plus shows.

I don't know if we've had enough of
them and other movies coming out yet.

She's young.

She was setting up Sean G turtles, you
know, as a standalone kind of thing.

I mean, he's within the MC universe,
but it's all new characters.

Spider-Man no way home.

It's in the MCU, but it is his
individual franchise and third

of a trilogy, which you kind of
wrapping up again, it's a trilogy.

And so you're kind of doing
that with a third film.

And so, yeah, so like in that weird way,
it's I think it's, it's hard to tell, you

know, um, it would be interesting to me.

I did mention like, is moon.

And I was being serious.

It would move night, reference Eternals
only because part of the backstory of

in the comic, how he's, how he is placed
before the statue of an Egyptian moon,

God, you know, and he is out doing
his mercenary thing and this other

mercenary, um, killed and archeologists.

And part of me was like, oh, that
would be a really cool beginning.


Like he's a hired mercenary with
archeologists, but the things

they're looking for are because
of what happened with the Eternals

and now these archeological
archeologists know to look for them.

Like, does that make sense?

Yeah, that would be an
interesting connection there.

Um, but again, that's a hundred percent
speculation on my part with just a little

bit of comic book knowledge and saying,
okay, you had this world big world event.

Maybe that's.

What people, how they make that
connection to a global event of you

have some archeologists involved.

And that's what they're looking for.

You know what I mean?

Other than that, like, seriously,
I'm not sure if we have enough

content, which is really weird to say,

Trey: I think it is equal parts.

The content we got last year was
never intended to all be in one year.

And so in a weird way
became really condensed.

And then to a lot of the movies as you put
it, we're wrapping up what came before.

Um, I mean, with the exceptions of and.

Well, I guess I wouldn't say a lot
half of them were wrapping up what came

before the other half were setting up
something new, but because it is new,

there are no launching pads to connect.

Um, so yeah, I see what
you mean in that regard.

And the other thing that I wanted to
say, uh, and, and kind of a retroactive

pull back on the pushback that I
had to earlier with the internals

and moon night, I mean, look at the
post credit scene of moon night.

It's not Disney plus per se, but
it is setting up the character

Dane with blade and turtles.

So yeah, setting up moon
night with Eternals.


Oh my bad.

Thank you.


The post credit scene of a turtles,
uh, setting up Dane, which I liked

that you corrected me at that point
as, cause it almost gives you this

idea that I've seen Moonlight.


but uh, no, uh, setting up the post
credit scene where Dane is visited by

blade, we know that they're kind of
setting up this horror aspect in the

MCU, which might feature, uh, Dane
as I think the black night blade, Dr.

Strange and moon Knight.

So even though I was at, uh, a defensive
about it event first you're right.

I mean, this is another, another anchor
point for those to connect there.

I think I was really like,
I came into my notes.

I said this earlier, I came into my
notes thinking like, okay, we're gonna

get an answer by the end of this.

And I think we're still, we're
still right back where we started.

But like you said, there's
just not enough yet.

Jude: And I think that's okay.

Cause we can revisit this.

Um, and I think this is a time will
tell and cause there's a lot of us

that I've heard when I say a lot of us.

I mean, listening to other podcasters and
talking to other people about this, right.

I've I've heard, um, some people want
a podcast that we're like, oh yeah,

you don't need to watch these at all.

And in my head I'm like, I don't know
if that's true, but it could be true.

Just like I it's, it's really
difficult for me to separate.

The fan of saying, how dare you, you
must see these all things, right?

Trey: Oh, that was my least favorite.

Because like, I've gotten to
the point where it's pretty

known that I love the MCU.

Obviously we've created
a podcast about this.

And so people who are kind of on the
periphery they'll sometimes ask me, Hey,

what do I need to watch before this movie?

And I hate that question because
my answer, like give me enough time

and I'll find reason to tell you
why you need to watch all of them.

Jude: Right.


Um, and so, yeah.

And so it's like, well, and Amity, you
know, she watched Hawkeye and has not seen

black widow and she really loved Yulaina.

Pardon me?

Like, uh, to really
appreciate Yulaina though.

You should have seen Hawkeye, I mean,
not Hawkeye, um, black widow, so

Trey: what a slip,

Jude: but yeah, but I mean, you
know, but you know what I was saying?


Like, it was just like to
really appreciate Yulaina here.

You needed to see this.

And I'm almost, I'm imagining if
we see Yulaina and Kate Bishop.


Gosh, I hope that's a small lift.

Like when we see Julaine and Kate Bishop
McGinn on the big screen, that rapport

that they were able to build and Hawkeye
should naturally just slip right into it.


Like, like you shouldn't have a
little back and forth building

at this point, just for the sake
of Hey people to watch Hawkeye.

And so at that point I'm like, yes, it
is important, you know, and I guess, I

guess it comes down to a question of how
important, what, what are you here for?

What are you here more for just
the popcorn fund or are you here

more for seeing these characters,
seeing these characters with depth

and the relationships they build.

And actually take it as a story in that
sense, because if you're not, and you're

just want to see a fine special effects
action movie, which these are, I guess

you don't need that extra added depth.

See, see, I can talk myself
into both ways at this point.

It's just hard to tell

Trey: and that you were, it was
so close to getting into the next

point that we were going to move to.

But I want to, I'm going to throw
another monkey Ridge, like where this

whole conversation has been based on
this idea of setups and payouts, right?

Like you set up this character and this
you're going to pay it out in that.

And they're like, you know, how
can you do that to an audience?

That's only seen one.

Let's just, let's pretend let's work.

An example where an audience member has
only watched the movies and not the show.

What does that say about Dr.

Strange and the multi-verse of madness,
where it is pretty heavy and the

promotional material that America Chavez
is in that, like, does that strike it odd

to you that, and this and this, and I want
to be perfectly clear because with the

internet, you always need to be clear.

There's no issues with
me on the character.

I'm genuinely excited.

What's weird to me is how
prominently they're featured

in the promotional material.

And we have never heard about them at all.

Um, and that's not, that's not a
first-time case, but because I think

we have been conditioned so much about
setups and payoffs with characters.

It's weird that it, it
feels like I miss something.

Does that make sense?

Jude: It does.

It does.

Well, I would say, you know, when you get
more, uh, Marto and he was like, no, the

biggest stretch of this multiverse is you
and you have that other doctor strange.


Having watched, what if immediately
I'm like, oh, that's this strange

Supreme strange, how did you get out?


Supreme strange.

How did you get out?


But if you've only watched the
movies, it's a very different reaction

and a very different, I'm assuming
it's shock of like, oh, who's this.

And you have no context of, of this
person's story and why they went to this.

What drove this strange to that degree.

And I would argue not just drove him
to that degree, but like at the end

of what, if he kind of re redeemed
himself to a certain degree, you

know, uh, still had consequences for
his actions, but you know, there was

this redemption thing at the end.

So it is.

It's it's really difficult to
tell, you know what I mean?

Yeah, no, I get

Trey: ya.

I can, I can set it this way.

We're really going to have to start
earning our name of MCU, need to

know and figuring out a way to,
how to, to present these stories

in a way that can be beneficial to

Jude: right.

Well, because okay.

I'm imagining I can imagine
a world in which I hate Dr.

Strange, the multi-verse and madness.

How dare you and others love it.

What if they start to fill in these gaps,
rehashing stuff that I'm like, I've seen,

what if, why are you showing me this?

But those who have it fine, right?

Like, oh, this is so cool.

It's so awesome.

And I'm like, okay, we've done this.


You know, but I can also see
it going the other way, where

it's like, you don't do that.

And somebody who hasn't watched,
what if they're like, what,

how did this, what, you know?

And so again, that's you're right.

Multi-verse madness is
going to be the real test.

At least feels that way right

Trey: now.

And again, we put this up on our social
media, but I know not everybody uses it.

It was a side conversation we had with TK.

If we get too multi-verse of
badness and turns out you do need to

watch, what if, okay, that's fine.

I've watched it.

I'm not going to be alienated.

If it turns out you don't need to watch.

What if, and we are
retreading the same ground.

I'm right there with you.

Like I'm annoyed.

Like what was the point of
watching the other thing?

Um, and man, that sounds so reductive.

Like, I, I it's of course it has
its own value, but it's, you start

to get to recycled storylines

Jude: and you also get two good
storylines that get dismissed.

You know, like I brought up, it
was like, okay, wait a minute.

If he just easily dismisses, Westview.



I don't care.

Let's just do this.


That's a big moment that whole arc for
Wanda, that as we've talked about an

arm odd about this , it's not fully
wrapped up yet intentionally, so like

the way they left the, the ending.

Um, and it feels do use your term.

Like it got punted to Dr.


And if there's no mention of that and it's
truly, Hey, I need your help with this.

That really what it
says about one division.

There's a problem.

Huge problem.



Trey: like you said, time will tell
this is going to be one of those

episodes that will be fun to come
back here at the end of next year and

end of next year, at the beginning of
next year, end of this year, to see

how all these have come to fruition.

Uh, but I think we can go ahead and move
into the last section of this outline

that we have, and start with this question
of, of the storylines that we have seen

in the Disney plus story so far, which
ones I, because I think we talked about

this, we're going to do one and then one
honorable mention, which ones do you think

are must see for the future of the MCU?

Um, if you want to do your one, one,
I'll do one and we'll come back.


Jude: My one pressure off of you.

No, no, no.

My, my one is going to be a low-key
because I feel like the way that

one ended that has world changing
ramifications that the others didn't.


So, and I realize I'm dismissing.

What if, but it's hard to tell what
that connection is going to be to, to

multi martial madness, where I feel
like the end of Loki was very clearly

this timeline is broken and split.

We know we're seeing who remains later.

We've seen infinity
stones as paperweights.

Like it is truly to me, that's,
that's the one that is most important.

Let's see.

What about you?

Trey: I'm right in there
in the space with you.

Uh, you know, if I, if I'm picking
out storylines within the shows

itself, uh, I think the one
that is must-watch is Sylvie.

Uh, again, it's, it's similar to what
you were talking about with low-key,

but Sylvie and feel free to correct
me if I'm wrong is the first variant

that we see to such a degree, one that
we see and get to know as much as we

do and the way her story ends and that
choice that she makes at the end to do

away with he who remains is so pivotal.

Jude: It really makes sense.

I mean, my, I had a similar line of
thinking again for saying low-key because

of, no, again, he who remains king
Jonathan major showing up in Ant-Man

and the wasp quantum mania, when you
see what that ending is, and knowing

that he's going to show up again later,
The far reaching ramifications, uh,

just like with silly being a variant.

Um, and while seeing other loci variants,
this one, we really get to know, uh, we

know that these variants are out there.

So like, uh, so I think we're
in the same, same space.

They're just with different characters.

Trey: Yeah.

And I think there's an argument that could
be made of, you know, he who remains,

we know Jonathan majors is playing him.

He's going to, uh, quote unquote
reprises role in quantum mania.

But the nature of the character
is that they are different.

Like that's all variance, right?

They're all their own
individual characters.

So to me, the most important
one is starting with that.

Yeah, which I'm curious, I staged it as
the, you know, correct me if I'm wrong.

I'd be very curious to see if people
want to put forth that Thanos or Nebula

or any of the characters we ran into
whenever the characters went back and end

game or the first variants in the MCU.

Jude: Hm.

Well, I'm going to say no, but okay.

Trey: Okay.

We'll save it for another episode.

Jude: Yeah.

I mean, it won't take long.

I'm just because where we get the term
variant from, with the TVA and that's

a, that's a strain for the timeline is.

Them going back was supposed to happen.

If that makes sense.

That's a good, that was
going to be allowed to go.


So I think you have to function on, at
least at that point within the continuity

that that's not a variant, because
otherwise you get into the mess of like,

oh wait, that should have been stopped.


But they allowed it to go.

So, yeah,

Trey: that's a good point.

So nevermind.

They won't be the first variants.


So what about your honorable mention
honorable benches and where it's

going to get real interesting.

I'm very curious to see where this goes.

Jude: I will mention, I'm going
to say Falcon and winter soldier.


Because of the character development
we get out of a winter soldier

and white Wolf, the new suit for
some of the stuff you've already

mentioned, the new suit for Sam.

Um, the struggle.

Like in him willing to take the mantle
of captain America, uh, the stuff he

went through and learned through fighting
Carly through his interactions with Isaiah

Bradley, you know, to, to, to you said
earlier, just to basically sweep that

under the rug and say, you don't have to
watch that to watch captain America for

just seems like a huge disservice to a
really good, I mean, say what you want

about the, about the series itself in
relation to the others, but it's a really

good storyline and you can really get
good development out of Sam and Bucky.

That it's a shame that,
that, that would be the one.

Swept under, um, again, nothing he
gets Wanda and things at Westview.

My impression from the trailers
it's already getting swept under

nothing against Hawkeye and Kate
Bishop and stuff, but it feels

like those are a little bit easier.

You can roll in and kind of
do some quick exposition and

you're you're up and running.

Um, whereas faculty, the winter soldier
is definitely honorable mentioned.

You're honorable mentioned

Trey: my honorable mention parties
going, going to party Thor.

You know, I'm going to cheat.

This is not my honorable linchpin,
but I'm going to just say it quickly.

There is a part of me when I was reading
my notes, that was mentioning the watcher

as a potential must-see because if it, if
it is true that the, what if characters

are coming in to multi-verse of madness.

The universal constant.

And what if is the watcher?

So that becomes must watch because
the only way that will work is

if there is a definitive version,
both in animation and live action,

Jude: right.

And I'd be glad to see
Jeffrey write live action.

Do the watcher

Trey: 100%.

But my, my other honorable mention.

Is I'm going to go with Hawkeye.

Uh, we already talked about Kate,
so I'm going to go ahead and go

to the other end of the spectrum.

And that is because it is the first
time we are seeing Marvel studios fully

integrate the Netflix shows with kingpin.

Um, that is something that has
been up in the air for a long time.

Uh, um, I don't want to go down
the rabbit hole of litigating,

what is or isn't cannon, but it is
the first confirmation in years.

I think that this is part of the MCU.

So if you have a character like this
popup elsewhere, if you're going to

have to reset up the, I don't even
want to say surprise, but the reaction

of like, oh my God, there, it's here.

It's retreading.

Same similar ground again,
if that makes sense.


So that's, that's my honorable

Jude: mention, which again, my issues
with favorite Disney plus show Hawkeye my

issues with how they handled the kingpin.

So yeah.


But that's a good pick and a good reason.

Trey: Yeah.

It would just be weird of like,
I guess that's what my key coming

back to is the feeling of retread.

Jude: So I'll let you go first, which
stories are possible for logical

leaps to be concluded, but the details
will be richer if you've seen it.

Trey: Hm man.

You know what kills me?

I'm going to go.

It's funny.

I just ended with this one.

I'm going to go with Hawkeye and Clint,
because I said it so much during our

coverage that I loved watching the
public perception of people going

from calling them Hawkeye to being
able to refer to him as Clint Barton.

Uh, I even mentioned on our wrap-up
that Hawkeye to Clinton Barton is

what captain America, the winter
soldier is to captain America.

Like it is the moment I think
that character started getting

the respect that they deserve.


But when you think about what all
of that's happened in that show, I

feel like it's something that you
can write quick dialogue, quick,

efficient dialogue, and the next movie
appears in and get it like, oh, okay.

He's, he's picked up a, uh, I
don't even wanna say psychic, but

a, a partner who, uh, who works
under the Hawkeye name as well.

Um, it feels like you will have
a better understanding of him if

you've seen Hawkeye, but you should
be able to pick up wherever he pops

Jude: up next.


Uh, I'm going to say that
was my first pick as well.

Um, oh, wow.

And this is my favorite Disney plus show.

Um, because I'm with you.

I feel like with dialogue.

Well, and I said it kind of
joking of like, okay, should

Kate Bishop get her own movie?

Or should she just show up in
movies and have Disney plus shows?

Um, and, and part of me
thinking I'd bring that up.

Cause it.

Yeah, you could, like you said,
it was some dialogue and a

scene in a very efficient way.

Give the audience what it
needs to know and just move on.

And if you want more depth, go watch this.

I think it's really
set up well to do that.

And it pains me to say that.

Trey: Yep.

So do I need to move to your
honorable mention or was that your

Jude: choice?

That's my choice.

My honorable mention is
going to be one division.

Trey: Oh, I'm so curious

Jude: in terms of like, and part of
this is unfair because part of this is

my assumption of how one division is
going to be treated multi-verse madness.


And so it, it feels like at
this point, like I I'm making it

honorable mentioned cause it's
because I don't think you should.

I think it was such a good.

Story and to see Wanda struggle with
grief and the use of grief as a big,

bad, but in terms for Wanda story,
I feel like they could, they're

going to find a way around it.

So that's why I say honorable
mention, put it in this category.

Now having said that, like
looking ahead to other Disney

plus shows it doesn't work.

I don't see how you're going to
watch house of Harkness without

watching this show, but that's
one Disney plus to the next show.

And here we're, we're more worried
about getting into the movies.

So, so that's, that's
the honorable mention.

I'm gonna have to go with as much both.

Both of them were painful.

That's so that was a really good shows.

Trey: Yeah.

So the reason I got so excited and
said, this is going to be interesting.

Is my honorable mentioned comes
from one division as well.

Uh, but like I said, I got
a little bit more granular.

And what you just ended on.

I think the one that I'm going to go with
for honorable mention, as far as which

one will be more rich if you've seen
it, but ultimately you don't need to.

I get the Harkness.

I think you can set up that character
because so much of it was left nebulous

in terms of motivations and origins,
outside of what we got with the Salem

trial, I could totally see coming
into that character with efficient

writing of setting them up outside of
their interplay with Wanda, it will

be better if you know what that is,
especially whenever they team up later

or not team up, but interact later.

But I think that is a character
that is still left in an area to

be reestablished without needing
to see what has come before.


Jude: Yeah.

And again, the only issue I had
with naming heart, I get the

Harkness is that the show is still
going to be a Disney plus show.

And so in my head, I was kind of
locked in and going to the movies.

Um, and so I honestly thought you
were going to bring up Monica Rambo.

Trey: That one I actually have in the
must-watch because again, it's in their

characters, origins are in the show.

Like I don't, I don't know how
you retread that, uh, without

needing to see the original one.

Jude: Yeah, yeah.

Uh, well, the marvels, that's going
to be another interesting test case.

Uh, I'll just say that because
with miss Marvel showing up

and Monica Rambo showing up

Trey: and Ms.


Jude: I said, Ms.

Marvel, did you guys, I said, Ms.

Marvel and Monica rubbish.

Oh, no, that's okay.

Um, but I mean, you get the idea, right?

Like having them both shows
coming and showing up.

Uh, so yeah, that is it's tricky.

That's going to be
another test case movie.

Trey: What's great about it is it feels
like this is conversations that are

actually being had in the production
side of Marvel studios, but we just

get to have this dress for free,

Jude: right.

Kevin Vikki, super fan.

And he's like, I can't listen to
this episode bringing work-life home.

Trey: Oh man.

Well, unless there's any parting words,
I think that might wrap up this episode.

Jude: Let's land it.


Trey: right.

Well, if you want to chime in with
what you think are the most important

storylines or the storylines that can
be written away with quick dialogue in

the future appearances, let us know.

Uh, you can reach us at MC you need
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Uh, it's a great place to connect with
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So if that's interesting to you,
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Well, that's going to do it.

Thank you so much for listening and Jude.

Thank you so much for doing this.

Thank you tray.

We'll see you all next week.

Jude: then of course you can always.


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Jude: so happy for some periods.

Oh, wait.

I think he was because

Trey: I was already still giggling
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And he said spot.

Jude: I have the weather on
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I know, I

Trey: know.

I'm sorry.

Jude: Oh my gosh.

Trey: Okay.

I'm gonna try, I'm gonna try and call
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Jude: myself.


Let me okay.

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