Who is Ms. Marvel? Our Trailer Reactions!

The latest trailer from Marvel Studios is our first look at Ms. Marvel! We're hopping behind the mics this week to speculate and articulate how excited we are for the latest hero to join the MCU!

Trey: Hello.

And welcome back to another episode MC
you need to know a podcast dedicated

to the Marvel cinematic universe
and everything you need to know.

I'm Trey.

Jude: I'm Jude.

How you doing Trey?


Trey: the hundredth episode, man.

I know.

I'm just really excited.

We've done a hundred full episodes and
it's, it's weird that we're finally here.

Jude: Right?

But what, what, okay.

What just popped into my mind.

Every time I say I'm Jude.

I think about how awkward it was
in the first couple of episodes.

So there's like this hesitation.

I still do it.

It's episode a hundred.

Trey: I think I'm Jude.



Jude: man.


I don't know

Trey: we are.

We are all Jude today.



Jude: man.

March 18th, national Jude day
might as well since we have a

national day for everything.


Trey: Let's do it.

What's today, Mar March 18th, March
18th from now on is national Jude day.


Jude: right.

We have that cut power.

Trey: We do.

Hey, it's no different than anybody else
on Facebook who declares a donut day.

Jude: donuts deserve a day though.

Trey: they got 20 on the topic
of our hundredth episode though.

When's the last time you went
back and listened to that pilot.

It's been a while,

Jude: man.


It it's been a while.

It, it really has, and I
should go back and listen.

Um, you know, I'm not gonna lie.

The thought has crossed from mind is
like, gee, do we just need to take

that down and do a new good one?

Trey: well, I wouldn't wanna take it down,
but I could totally see us doing like.

Hey, here's a REPI.

We're gonna start over.

we're gonna take a patron community
and just restart the . Right?


Well, you know what?

Speaking of that, you know what
I thought you were gonna go.

There's a part of me that like, now that
we're almost, and again, I should say this

is our hundredth episode, since we're so
close to our two year anniversary, uh,

we're not doing too too much special on
this go around, but we'll, we'll make a

bigger deal once we hit our anniversary.

But part of what I've been wanting to
do since we're close to two years of

doing this is go back to that all audio.

And edit it with the skills I have
now and see how much of a difference

it makes . Am I really making a
difference or if I'm just turning

more knobs in Adobe audition well,

Jude: there's so many ways
to think of it though.

We can go back to that first episode
and, you know, and be like, We

should have had an outline and
just do it with an outline.

And then it's like, okay,

Trey: you know what haunts me every time
about that pilot, where I think one of

the first feedbacks we got was like, cool.

It was, it was pretty good,
but it, it almost felt like

Trey was just interviewing.

And so from then on it's like, all
right, don't ask too many questions.

so I, I think, uh, I think we've,
we've shown some growth over

these, uh, a hundred episodes.

I hope

Jude: so.

It feels like it.

So I hope so.

Trey: oh man.

Well, of course, if you downloaded
this episode, then you know,

we're gonna be talking about.

Who is miss Marvel, our trailer reactions.

So this past Monday, uh, we finally got
our first official trailer for the miss

Marvel show that is coming to Disney plus
on June 8th, it will star a man Valani as

kaon and is created by Bishop K a leap.

So Jude throwing to you, what are
your reactions to that trailer?

Jude: I okay.

My first reaction is not first reaction,
but I was surprised by it in that.

I didn't know we were getting one, right.

Like I was, I, I, I was
out of touch or something.

It was like all of a sudden I
get this text of like, here's

the, the miss Marvel trailer.

And I was like, dude, I didn't even.

Have that on my

Trey: radar, it definitely felt
like a surprise drop for sure.


So that was

Jude: the other, that was, that
was the cool thing, cuz it was,

you know, that's what I say.

That's my first reaction.

It was like, oh wow.

It was totally a surprise.

Trey: And it kind of makes sense
because miss Marvel was supposed

to be the tail end of 2021.


So I don't know if we ever got official
confirmation on why it got pushed back.

Uh, the leading theory is that it wanted
to be closer to the marvels because

apparently it will tie in together,
but I'd imagine enough of it has been.

Pretty much ready to go, that you
could cut a trailer and get it out

Jude: quick.


I'm wondering also if we'll find out
something about visual effects needing

to be finished or something like
that, you know, cause this is gonna be

effects heavy movie with her power set.

So it, it could be that as well.

Cause that's, I mean, if you think
of the placement that's coming

right after, you know, uh, Dr.

Strange multiverse, some
madness after moon night.


Moon night, right before Dr.



So we'll see, you know what, they might
even say something on the assembled when


Trey: comes out.


I mean, we did see, they were
very open about the way COVID.

Uh, affected like Wanda vision
and Falcon in the winter soldier.

And as time went on, you saw, you
saw it start to be less of a talking

point, but I wonder if we won't see
something in this next set of assembled

documentaries, if we get 'em because
a lot of the projects got pushed back.

So something, something weighed
into that decision making and

I, I get to find out about it.

Jude: Yeah, me too.

So to the trailer, Because that that was
there, but the actual trailer itself, the

beginning with the music and the text box,
I immediately thought of ahas take on me.

like, I that's exactly
what my head went to.

And I was like, oh, this is gonna be cool.

Trey: I I'm so excited.

And you know what?

I'm hoping, I, I really
don't want that style.

To be exclusive to the trailer.

There was something about it that felt
like, oh, here's a creative way to kind

of promote this teen centered story.

Um, but I hope it finds its way into
the show that feels organic because

it can be distracting, but I feel like
we're starting to see a lot of these.

These younger focused stories,
adopt that style as kind of a

way to represent youthfulness.

Uh, we saw it with
Mitchells versus machines.

We see a little bit of it turning red.

Uh, I'd argue.

Maybe you could say into the spider
verse was part of that style as well.

Maybe not to that same extent.


Uh, but I like the visual language that
it provides to, like I said, youthfulness,

like it's just, it's kinetic and it's
frenetic and I, I wanna see more of it.

Jude: What I, I feel like one of
the things they're gonna do with

that style is, or at least the way
I got it to take for, I was with you

is like, I hope they take that all
the way through all the episodes.

But I feel like the, as I did
some re watches of the trailer,

that that's probably how they're
gonna distinguish her imagination.

Very like what's really happening.

Trey: Yeah.

Cause I can already see, because just
based off the trailer, you can tell.

How much of this is about her
coming into her own, right?

Like that's all teen stories
is that coming of age.

And it would be such a visual gut
punch, if so much of the first

half has that daydreamy fascination
with all the little extra add-ins.

And then by the time you
get to the end of like the.

Return home having change.

And you don't, you see that she's
relying on it less and less.

Like I could already and maybe I'm
just going too far on the limb, but

I could already feel myself just
like welling up with like tears

of that being like an emotional

Jude: moment.

Mm-hmm well, and another thing
that came to mind is like, I was

wondering, I was like, and I, and
I I've read a lot of the comics.

Uh, what a lot of like the, you
know, miss Marvel number one,

and I got into the trade paper
back and I think I'm up to book.

Four or five.

So I know from when it came out to now
a lot is not a lot, if that makes sense.

Um, but I, you know, and I have
read those and I love them.

And I don't remember if in there
she had any kind of ADHD, but

that's the other kind of vibe I got.

Um, which I, I really, as a, as
a teacher were the high schoolers

and stuff, I would love to see, um,
Kamala have ADHD, you know, cuz it's.

It's so prevalent and so many
people have it, you know?

And so it just, I'm, I'm
curious if they lean into that.

I can't remember in the comic if she did,

Trey: but yeah, this is one of
the few comics that I have read.

Uh, I don't think I got quite as far
as you did, but I did read a bit of

it and I don't think that ever was
a talking point for the character.


Jude: I don't think so.

You either, I'm just, you know, so.

Trey: I know we don't normally delve
too far into the comics, but this has

become such a talking point that I,
I, I kind of wanted to bring it up.

How do you feel about the power change?

Uh, I know for me personally, it's
not that like, I would love to see the

original of just the natural stretching
powers from being and inhuman mm-hmm

Uh, but it seems like it's something
is different here in the trailer, but

to me, the effect still feels the same
because there's like a quick shot.

Where she's jumping across the
skyline and you can see her

hands doing that in big thing.

And it, it visually it's working for me.

And I think the jury's still out on
the narrative reasoning for the change.

So I don't have any strong
feelings about it other than

like, I'm okay with it so far.

But, uh, what about you?

You know what

Jude: P okay.

Power set.

Well, let me start here.

Uh, cause I was gonna go talk to the
power set, but like how she gets the

power set, you know, that's the thing I'm
really curious of what they're gonna do.

Cause like you said, from the
trailer, it looks like it's

the same power set, you know?

And then there's this, I
don't know how I wanna put it.

I was gonna say there's this worry or fear
if like, for some reason this has to be.

100%, one for one, you know what I mean?

Uh, when, when that's not the case
as a, as a fan of this character and

having read, you know, some of the
first couple of comics, there is an

element where I do understand this whole
idea of like, no, she's an inhuman.

Let's do that.

But at this point I have to say, Marvel
studios has earned our trust on this.

Mm-hmm that they're gonna do it right.

I, you know, I, I just, I'm trying to
think what was the last thing that I saw

that I'm like, oh, you messed that up.

Like thinking about the comics.

And I can't really think of
one off the top of my head as

Trey: far as like adaptations go.


Jude: Well, I can think of one.

I can think of one now, but it's
not worth mentioning, I guess.

Trey: I kinda

Jude: wanna know.

Oh, it's this, uh, it's this
Spiderman suit at the end of far from.

No way home.


Trey: This sucked Hey, I
guess I should mention that.

Uh, we're out of the, the spoiler
free period for Spiderman.

No way home.

That's finally on video and demand.


And when this comes out, it will be
well, technically six days, but we're, we

probably won't get any too many spoilers
with the way home, but not in this.

Jude: Yeah.


But enough to say that,
you know what I get, right?

Oh, I made cigarette.


They downed.

Trey: Yeah.


I'm gonna get us back onto miss Marvel.

We're getting off topic here.

You know, you're talking about
the adaptation of Kamala con and

how that differs from the comics.

When I think about the comics, and
again, I didn't get as far as you did

most definitely not as far as some of
the other diehard, miss Marvel fans.

But when I think about the
character and what I loved most

about it, it was like that.

Personality that she brought and
like that admiration for superheroes,

that being a quirky kid and that
sense of humor that she had.

And so, yes, I will.

I can see the disappointment of like, oh,
it's not the same thing, but so far, this

trailer has given me really strong vibes.

Like the last time that I felt this
within the MCU was Spider-Man homecoming.

Like, it feels so authentic to just
being that kid in high school and wanting

to be part of that superhero world.

And you get the opportunity.

So now how do you handle that?


I don't want to.

I, because Spiderman homecoming is a
very well regarded film in the MCU.

So I don't wanna put too much like
expectations on miss Marvel, but man, it's

knocking on those same doorsteps for me.

I mean, cuz seriously like that
line at the end where she just goes.

I'm a superhero and then runs
off with arms in the air.

That is an iconic line already.

Oh yeah.

The enthusiasm that Amman brings
to that moment, it's like, yeah.

Yeah, this is good.


This is really good.

Jude: Well, no, I'm with you on that.

Cuz one of the things I, I re remember,
I liking about homecoming again, the

teacher's perspective, who was like,
wow, I'm seeing something where it's

like, That actually is what the teenagers
would do and act like, you know,

it, wasn't this weird over the top.

I mean, it's a movie, so I get that.


But it's like just this weird awkwardness,
you know, it felt very authentic.

So I like that you brought that up.

I also like there's that they're gonna
lean into her fan, you know, like, like

her lean into hurt the idea of like,
These heroes are people that I worship.

I play.

Um, it's not world of Warcraft in this.

It is, um, battle craft.

Is that right?

Trey: What do you,

Jude: uh, in the comic, do you remember?

Trey: Oh, no.

Jude: Um, you know what?

Hang on.

I'll check.

What game does Kamala con.

Trey: Play we're consulting
the worldwide web,

Jude: uh, it's battle world
or no, not battle world.

That's the thing anyways, whatever
it is like, it's, it's the in

world version of world Warcraft.


And she writes stories
about them and, and stuff.

And so, so fantastic.

I, in that sense and I,
I, I really like that.

They're gonna lean into that
aspect of the, of the character.

Um, and also you can kind of start to see
the story circle coming together and now.


I'm gonna say this and
I wanna tap the break.

Cause I don't wanna get into
like prediction, like, like

I'm trying to guess the story.

Does that make sense?


But like that, that moment that is
super iconic, this whole, like I'm

a superhero and she goes running off
part of Kamala con's story in the

beginning is this idolization of heroes.

And then to find out like kind of
the Kate Bishop thing that, that.

Barton was trying to teach her.

It was like this life.

Isn't just about cool costumes, you
know, and she has her own going through

that, you know, and the, and the comic.

And so I felt like that moment was
also something that is one of those,

like, Part of the story circle where
you think you got what you want,

but it's not really what you want.

And then you come swinging
around, you know, in this

like false high, so to speak.

I, so like that scene, I feel
like is I feel like that is

actually gonna be that scene.

And I didn't like the last shot.

I will say that where she's
sitting on the, on the light pole.


Well, because I feel like
looking at it, it looked like

that's gonna be her final suit.

And that is probably something gonna be
towards the end of the series altogether.


Does that make sense?

Uh, that makes sense.

And I get we, and I get, we get a glimpse
of the suit, but it's like, Okay, come on.

Show your restraint.

That's what you're

Trey: good at.


I mean, uh, that's one of the things
I used to say in that first year of

the podcast, one of the, the biggest
strength of Marvel is its patience.

So if that turns out to be correct
in your assessment, uh, I can totally

see why that would be disappointing.

Mm-hmm but no, I, I do wanna speak
more to what you're talking about.

The idolization of hero, uh, that is
something, uh, where I, I, I know the

game is not the most well regarded.

Uh, pieces of media, but I did play
that opening act where you play as

Kamala con and she's going to Avenger
con and she's just so genuinely excited

to be a part of that superhero world.

And there's something that's so
endearing about it, mainly because,

I mean, we say it all the time.

Look at us, we have built.

A podcast dedicated to that fandom
because that's how much we care about it.

So in a way you're feeling
that being represented through

the same world that we like.

And I think that's a cool, like
step deeper into the, the universe.

So I'm, I'm liking that aspect.

I like the, the narrative playground.

They have to tell stories
about what you were mentioning.

With, uh, idolizing these people.

But what does it mean once you
actually have these powers?

And I think it's gonna be an interesting
follow up after everything that we've

seen in Hawkeye, which I know moon
night is technically the follow up,

but I, I don't anticipate seeing
any young heroes in moon night.

Jude: Right.

Well, and I think, I mean, we're here
talking miss Marvel in the trailer,

but I think that come out and said mood
night it's is a limited series already.

And so, whereas Kamala Khan,
we know she's gonna show up

in the, in the marvels, right.

So that's very different.

Um, I know I've mentioned this in another
pod episode before, and it's fantastic

video, uh, on from nerd sync on YouTube.

And it's called what miss Marvel
can teach you about relationships.

And he gets into this whole
thing with Kamala con.

And, and what do you call this parasocial
relationships and this idea of like

having a relationship with somebody
and it feels like you know them, but

it's only one sided and it's not like
the codependency one sided where you

act actually have a relationship.

It's just one sided and unhealthy it.

This is a, from a distance, this.

Every time I say from a distance,
I think of the be Miller

song from, from a distance.


Um, every time, um, every time,
but no, it's, uh, my fascination

with superheroes, right.

Or if it's with your, you know, favorite.

Content creator, maybe your
favorite podcaster, but, but I

mean, you , you get the idea, right?

Like you, you feel like you've interacted
with them, you know, and we all do it.

There's nothing like bad about it.

And it's a really cool video, but, you
know, he talks about it from the comics,

how, like I said, it's that bubble burst
of like, you, you meet that person.

It's like, oh, you're not what I imagine.

Um, because we never imagined them as
a human, you know, as a real human.

So with that in mind, I actually
do have one prediction, but

I'll save, I'll save it.


Trey: oh, that tease.

And I think that might have just committed
us to a, what we're expecting in miss

Marvel episode at some point I think so.

well, uh, yeah, we'll definitely
be sure to link that nerds

sync video in the show note.

So if you wanna watch that, I
know I would be, be interested

in watching that as well.

Uh, so yeah.

Thanks for sharing that.

Unless there's anymore.

I think we can go ahead and
move into our listeners.

First thoughts if you're following us
on social media, we put out a question

asking what you thought of the trailer.

So we're gonna read through some of those
responses here, starting with this one.

This one comes in from friend Daniel on
Instagram, and it says, love the teen

story arc, really looking forward to this.

And so, yeah, I think that pretty much
is summing up exactly what we're looking

forward to, uh, that again, that.

Teen arc within the trailer
just feels so authentic and, and

Jude: exciting.

Uh, Ben dot Maddy on Instagram.

I love the style they've gone for.

They're embracing the
coming of age aspects.

Her personality is all of this trailer,
which is her best feature, but I

still have no clue what will happen.

Uh, you know what I, for as much
as I, I like even had a little

bit of speculation I'm with you.

I don't know.

What's gonna happen here, you know,
I'm because a very new character,

you don't have a wide range of like
a rogues gallery that people are

gonna be absolutely familiar with.

Like you would with the Spidermans.


Um, Batman I'll use that cuz
everybody knows they're villains.

Um, and, and you have a good idea,
you know, in the, in the social

Zeist am I using that correctly?

But, but the idea of like, It's
hard to tell what to expect on this.

Um, and I do love the coming of age.

I do love

Trey: that I'm gonna pop in real quick
just to say, and I promise I'm not gonna

reveal any comic book knowledge anymore
than we have already, but I am now vaguely

remembering what that first villain was.

And I would love to see
that come to the screen.

I don't know how they'll do that,
but, uh, that's the tease I'll give.


, uh, moving along this next one comes in
from bingey fat seven and on Instagram

and it reads, still love the name.

I love the, I know, right.

I love the comic booky style.

Andm a excited to see a younger hero.

And so again, I, I, we talked about the
comic book style and how all that feels

authentic to a younger generation, but.

There's something again, going
back to what I was saying, like

getting the perspective of somebody
who's grown up in this world with

heroes is such a unique experience.

I think in this superhero landscape
of, of movies that we have right now.

So I'm really looking forward to this
ground being, uh, You know, newly treaded.


Jude: You know what I find interesting.

Just gonna go to small tangent.

I don't.

So when I'm like setting up security
password, pass, you know, questions for

password recovery, I think some things
with the few authentication thing has got

a little bit more advanced in the security
questions, but when that was the, really

the thing, one of the question was always
like, who's your favorite superhero?

And it's so fascinating
to me that how prevalent.

This is, you know, superheroes have
become and just modern our current

society and culture that like, I
can't, how, how do I wanna put this?

Like at one time or no,
let's put it this way.

That that was considered a secret.

This is how I wanna put it.



like, you know, it's like, nobody's
gonna know this answer, so that's

why you have that question.

No, one's gonna know what you
Uhhuh, but now everybody's like,

has your favorite superhero?


Trey: I know, meanwhile,
me every episode, captain

Jude: America, captain America.

Well, well, cause you said he is like
I'm ex you know, Viji fed seven said I'm

excited to see a young, younger hero.

And I remember being younger, Robin was my
favorite it, and that was cuz I was a kid.

Robin's a kid, you know?

And so yeah, like the
fact that you're having a.

Younger kids, um, cuz Kamala,
you know, high school.

I know Kate Bishop is older than
high school, but very much younger.

Um, so yeah, it's I love it.

I love to have

Trey: that.

I was gonna say, I think this puts,
uh, Kamala as the third youngest hero

outside of the twins from one division,
which I guess you could like give her

take whether or not they're real yeah.


Jude: not quite real yet.

Trey: Yeah.

I don't know where that falls.

So I guess I'll say this and I'm like,
At MC you need to know on Twitter

and Instagram, feel free to weigh in.

I'm gonna say, uh, Kamala
Khan is the youngest hero that

we have in the MC right now.


I mean,

Jude: I guess we don't count
Cassie laying until she shows up.



Trey: I think

Jude: she's older then.



All right.

Kamala is the youngest.


And then we'll see, I think in a couple
of weeks and a couple about a month

when multiverse manage comes out,

Trey: True.


America Chavez.

I don't know where she's
pulling in on the, on, on the,

uh, spectrum of superheroes.

Um, all right, well move.

Oh, it's me, right?

What's up?

No, you just did the bingey vet.


Jude: oh no.

It is you.

Yeah, you did.

Bingey vet . I jumped in on the tangent.

This is me.

Uh, Kevin watches, movies on Instagram.

I know nothing about this
character, but the show looks fun.

That's the other thing is like, I,
we both, like I read Kamala con.

Comics as they were being, I say,
as they were being published.

And I was, I was one of those people
that waited for the graphic novel.


But I, I was there in, in the beginning
and I got you to read Kamala con um, miss

Marvel comic and I, cuz it's so good.

So good.

Um, G Willow Wilson writer, ton of awards.


But otherwise, like I was saying,
people don't know who this is.

You know, and the, so it's a, in that
sense, it's gonna be a pretty big swing

on Marvel's part, cuz you're going with an
unknown actress, relatively unknown hero.


And it, and the trailer makes it look fun.


Trey: Yeah, that's a huge selling
point is especially as much as they've

been promoting multiverse of madness
and moon night where everything is

just so doer and depressing and heavy.

Oh yeah.

And then it's like, oh,
superheroes are fun.



So, uh, yeah, it's definitely
been a nice balance too.

Not to say there's no room for stuff
like moon night and, and multiverse of

mad and this, uh, it's just, it's good
to have that balance between the two.

Well, you know, you're talking about
this being a relatively unknown

character to a, a, a wider audience
on the other side of the spectrum.

Uh, we have caption life from
Instagram who is very much familiar

with the comic side of things.

Uh, they said, Still waiting
to see how they will treat

her character in the series.

Uh, that seems like a very even
keeled, uh, way to handle this.

Mm-hmm instead of diving into
the deep end of speculation oh

Jude: yeah, yeah.

Again, it's one of those things that
Kamala Khan is a beloved character.

Of Marvel readers, um, without being that
widely known, she has a loved character.

Um, you know, like you said, had a
prominent place on the video game.

If you go to Disney plus, and look at the,
I think the animated secret warriors run

Kamala con was a, in a lot of episodes.

I think that was your, that
was the audience surrogate into

the world of the superheroes.

You know, and so, and that
was the animated show.

So it's very much beloved, uh, or
she is not that it is the comic

is, but she's very much beloved.

And when that happens and you get fans
like me caption life, we're just like,

you know, we, we wanna make sure our
characters are treated with respect.

Trey: Do you think miss
Marvel kaon is the most.

Pervasive new hero in
the last 10, 20 years.


And I'm throwing you on the spot.

I totally know I am, but I,
you just sparked that question.

That's a good question.

Because even as, even though I've
read the comic a part of it, uh, I'm

so outside of that world, but miss
Marvel made it to my circles of, of

my information from the internet.

Like that's how prevalent she was
whenever she made her debut in.


In 2014.

Jude: Y you know what, just off the
cuff you asking right now, and maybe

without having time to think about it,
the other two that come to mind are

gonna be spider, Gwen and miles Morales.

Oh, Good point miles Morales.

Um, I believe was prior to
Kamala Khan in terms of when he

started writing in the comics.

I don't remember the actual date,
but spider Gwen coming off of the

spider verse, Dan slot, spider
verse story, and having her own run.

That was 2014.

That was right around.

I'm pretty sure it was 2014.

It was right around silk was coming out.

I think that movie might be in development
at Sony, another Spiderman character.

Um, but yeah, spider
Gwen got very popular.

Then there was a Gwen pool, this kind
of a Gwen Stacy version of Deadpool.

Um, and so that one is
super of popular too.

So off the top of my head,
I'd have to go with those two.

Um, but yeah, Kamala con might be.

Ahead of them.

I'd I'd have to think about
that a little bit more though.


Trey: That'd be fun to, to figure out
just something to throw out for the

comic readers, cuz again, like I said,
that's far outside of my scope, but

uh, that's what it feels like on the
outside looking in well, that is gonna

do it for our listeners first take so
again, if you wanna keep, I'm gonna

Jude: put you on the spot real quick.

Trey: Okay.

I think we'd like to thank Nick Sandy

Jude: for the use of art.

I, what do you think?

Here's my idea.

Of a, of a, we'll just put
a Twitter pole out there.

Those three, those two characters
and the fourth one is a right in.


Trey: We'll uh, we'll make
sure to get this out on.

Uh, we'll do it on Tuesday.

I know not everybody
listens to the episode.

First thing on Monday.

So Tuesday we'll put it out and
we'll see, see how that goes.

So if you wanna weigh in, there you go.

Well, now, if you wanna get in on that
action, both in terms of answering

your first takes, whenever we ask
it on social media or to get in on

that poll specifically, make sure
you're following us at MC you need

to know on Twitter and Instagram.

Uh, it's a great way
to help shape the show.


Jude: also, I'm again, I'm an issue, an
apology I've still kind of stepped back a

little bit from how much interaction I've
done, but still scroll down to the bottom,

go to the discord, debate the pole.

Um, a lot of other.

Wonderful things to talk about.

Um, of course the best thing you can do
for us is to share with a friend, leave

a rating review, especially on Spotify,
since it's a new, it's a new feature.

Um, but it's always helpful to, you
know, people browsing around and

trying to discover new Marvel content.


Trey: We'd also like to thank Nick Sandy
for the use of our theme song, which

is his rendition of the Avengers theme.

You can find more of his work
on the SoundCloud, which is

linked in the show notes as well.

Well, that's gonna do it.

Thank you so much for listening and Jude.

Thank you so much for doing this.

Thank you, Trey.

We'll see you all next week.

Jude: Changed my mind debate
format show dedicat I hate that.

I hate that.

What the whole changed my mind thing.

It's just dumb.

Oh yeah.

Uh, confirm like, like, even
if it's not the political

thing, you know, It's the same.

It's the same idea.

It's like, if I don't want you to change
my mind, you're not gonna change it.

And, and it's just dumb.

Uh mm-hmm confirmed epic

Trey: to me.

It's just so blatantly, like
the here's three popular things.

One must go like it's just
so designed for engagement.

Jude: I don't mind those only because
I usually know which one should be

gone and I just feel bad for the rest.

I don't understand why they're wrong.

Like Pepsi's up there.

I don't understand why
people are debating this.

Isn't difficult.


Trey: Nobody asks is Coke.


Jude: Yeah.



I mean, you wanna put something
really hard and you get some

really shock value in debate.

You put up nachos, tacos, pizza,
and like chili cheese fries.

One's gotta go.

Chili tea.



I think I'm kind of with you on that.

Trey: so much for the debate.

Jude: As, as I said it, as you said
it, I was like, yeah, you went one too

Trey: far.

Nacho's tacos, pizza.

You would've had something

I need to stop like.

Leaning away from the mic cuz we're having
multiple good in tags and I'm just like

sitting here chillaxin and my mic, my
audio's not being picked up properly.

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