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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Quick Reaction!

The latest Doctor Strange entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe hit theaters last week and there's a lot to discuss! It's still gonna be a few weeks before we can do ...

Moon Knight Review S1E6: God of the Night Sky

All the puzzle pieces are in place, but there's still so much to discuss with that Moon Knight Finale! Join us as we dive into all the Marvel goodness!

Moon Knight Review S1E5: Kill the Hippo, Steal the Boat + Special Guest TheeSlushee!

Heartbreaking origins have been revealed, but now we've got even more questions leading into the finale of Moon Knight! Luckily we've got TheeSlushee joining us this w...

Moon Knight Review S1E4: It's A-Maze-Ing + Special Guest Leecho!

After last week's mind-bending episode of Moon Knight, it's only fitting that Leech joins us this week to parse through it all! Join us as we address the hippo in the ...

Moon Knight Review S1E3: Stop Listening to that Stupid Pigeon + Special Guest TJ Builds Stuff!

We're at the halfway mark of Moon Knight, and things are ramping up! From Pyramid exploration to extreme Stargazing, we've got a lot to cover in episode three, but luc...

Moon Knight Review S1E2: Summon the Suit + Special Guest YebbaDebba!

We delved further into the relationship between Marc and Steven this week, which gave us our best look at the Khonshu avatar yet! Luckily we've brought in the hype que...

Moon Knight Review S1E1: This is Real. I Am Real.

Moon Knight is finally here, and we're ready to dive into this corner of the MCU! Join us as we navigate the hazy, dream-like grip on reality and discover just who Ste...

Spidey and His Amazing Friends Review S1E1: The Best Marvel Project Ever??

Are you cherry vanilla, pistachio, or chocolate chip kind of person? Find out in our latest review of the greatest Marvel Project to date!

Explaining the Multiverse After Spider-Man No Way Home

Navigating the multiverse can be a tricky thing. Let us guide you through our understanding of the vast possibilities of franchise hopping and alternate character depi...

Who is Ms. Marvel? Our Trailer Reactions!

The latest trailer from Marvel Studios is our first look at Ms. Marvel! We're hopping behind the mics this week to speculate and articulate how excited we are for the ...

Doctor Strange (2016) Marvel Retrospective Review!

The multiverse is mad, but before we can find out why, we'll have to go back to where it started in 2016! Join us as we break down all the narrative structures and the...

3 Important Marvel News Stories of the Week: Daredevil Coming to Disney Plus, Anthony Mackie Won't Text Sebastian Stan, and Matt Reeves offers kind words to the MCU

Trey's riding solo this week but bringing the three most important Marvel news articles of the week! Consider this week's episode your own personal Jarvis.

Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness | Official Trailer Reactions!

Are we the last in the world to do a reaction for the Doctor Strange trailer? Maybe. Who are we to judge?

When Did Marvel Fix Its Villain Problem? + Special Guest JB!

We're going full-on evil in this episode to discuss how Marvel fixed its Villain problem. Luckily we're not doing it alone since JB returns to the podcast!

The Meta Episode 5

It wouldn't be a Marvel break without a Meta episode thrown in! Join us as we indulge in some podcasting self care!

How Important Are the Marvel Disney Plus Shows?

The first big test of the Disney Plus shows is on its way with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This week we're going to dive into just how vital those sho...

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Retrospective Review (Part Two)

It's taken two episodes to cover it, but we're back with our second half of Captain America: The Winter Soldier coverage! Join us as we pick up right where we left off...

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Retrospective Review (Part One) + Moon Knight Reactions!

This episode is both a look ahead to the future with Moon Knight Reactions, as well as a retrospective review of Captain America: The Winter Soldier! Buckle up because...

Hawkeye Wrap Up: What Lessons Can the MCU Learn? + Special Guest Sean (Captioned Life)

Hawkeye's been out for a few weeks, which means it's time to reflect on what worked, what didn't, and what we think the MCU can learn from the series moving forward! J...

(No Spider-Man Spoilers!) Top Five Marvel Scenes of 2021! + Special Guest Tara (There Was An Idea)

Five tv shows. Four Movies. Nine total projects. Joining us this week is Tara from There Was An idea to distill all those projects into the five best scenes of 2021!

Top Five Marvel Scenes of 2021! + Special Guest Tara (There Was An Idea)

Five tv shows. Four Movies. Nine total projects. Joining us this week is Tara from There Was An idea to distill all those projects into the five best scenes of 2021!

What to Expect in the MCU in 2022!

It's a brand new year which is precisely the time to put our predictions for the year on record. Join us as we look at Marvel's upcoming slate of movies and Disney plu...

Hawkeye Review S1E6: Your Mess is My Mess

With our final episode of 2021, we're diving into the season finale of Hawkeye! The Kingpin is back, and we're ready to discuss what that means for Kate, Clint, and ev...

Hawkeye Review S1E5: We're Weapons

Between Spider-Man No Way Home and episode five of Hawkeye, it's been a HUGE week in the MCU! Today we're tackling the most important topics from the penultimate episo...

Spider-Man No Way Home Quick Reactions + Special Guests MCU Rewind

For a movie as big as No Way Home, we're gonna need all hands on deck! The guys over from MCU Rewind join us to talk all things Spider-Man and celebrate the three gene...

Hawkeye Review S1E4: We're Friends Slash Partners + Special Guest THE Rob Logan

Last week's episode of Hawkeye brought in more than just holiday cheer! Between coin flips, security trips, and hard hits, we've got a lot to tackle, but fortunately, ...

Hawkeye Review S1E3: Pizza Dog + Special Guest Ellie from Oh Shoot Podcast!

Is the latest episode of Hawkeye one of the best Disney Plus episodes ever? Join us and first-time guest, Ellie, from Oh Shoot podcast to find out!

Hawkeye Review S1E2: Kept the Mask on Like a Pro

Kate and Clint have joined forces to keep the Tracksuit Mafia at bay and recover the Ronin suit! Join us as we dive into this reluctant team in our latest episode revi...

Hawkeye Review S1E1: All Surprises Are Unexpected

Hawkeye is in the holiday spirit and has launched on to Disney Plus with two episodes! We're here with our reactions to the season premiere!

What is Ragnarok?

In this week's episode Jude is joined by his lovely wife Amity to discuss at Norse Myth.

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